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Why have I never heard of Camayak?

We built Camayak to organize chaos from Slack channels into structured workflows that editors could use to track assignments and pay writers on time, all from one place.

Editors, blog managers, SEO agencies and content marketing gurus use Camayak to track every contributor they work with.

98% of our customers renew their subscriptions each year and over three quarters of our news business comes from referrals. We spend a lot more on satisfying our customers than marketing to new prospects.

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Insurance Companies: Here’s How HQ Marketing Can Distribute Its Content to Independent Agents

For insurance companies, sharing headquarters’ marketing materials with franchisees can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll outline how insurance franchisers can use Camayak to seamlessly and efficiently distribute marketing content to independent agents. Working with Camayak for editorial project management can simplify the process and ensure that franchisees have the content they need, without […]