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Track Your Newsroom’s Assignments in Real-Time


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At their best, real-time analytics echo the excitement of what’s happening in your newsroom. Their immediacy is provocative and that helps encourage staff to take note of the insights at their fingertips.

If you’re using Chartbeat or to track your audience, you probably have a big screen in your newsroom that lets everyone see what’s capturing their attention. Check it out. What’s trending right now?

Now your entire newsroom can also watch as your assignments move around in Camayak, not just in and out of various people’s inboxes, but through the workflow steps that your desks rely on to streamline their editing processes. Just click a desk to see what assignments it’s working on.

Seeing your assignments move around in real-time gives you and your staff the opportunity to:

Big up the people doing the most work

You’re all there, burrowing through your inboxes to take care of the assignments your colleagues are waiting to work on once you’re done. Seeing at a glance “who’s on this?!” reminds people that an assignment’s status has everything to do with the person who’s job it is to be improving it at any given moment.

Spot overloads before they hurt

There are only so many hours in the day and if you have one person tasked with editing 30 assignments before tomorrow, you – and they – might have a problem. Prevent people from burning out by watching the reality of your desk’s expectations unfold in real time. If you see an impossible workload brewing for someone further down the line from you, you can use this information to delegate or warn your colleagues, to keep your targets achievable.

Get excited about your process

Editorial workflow isn’t sexy. But watching an editing process unfold pulls back the curtain on the core relationships within your newsroom. Writers will appreciate watching their work being edited by multiple people and editors will know that their efforts are being advertised to the rest of the staff and their management. It’s a powerful incentive to bring your best.

Start healthy conversations about your workflows

Workflows aren’t set in stone and if you can clearly see that something isn’t working, you’re more likely to have the confidence to change it. Dynamic desk analytics give the people you’re managing the opportunity to share their own interpretations. It will almost certainly lead to more creativity around the way you develop your content.

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