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Introducing: In-line Comments


In-line comments example.jpg

One of the features that we’ve been really looking forward to adding to Camayak is a better way to give feedback on specificparts of assignments. After working closely with a number of editors and contributors, we’re excited to announce the release of our very own in-line comments.

We made two key decisions in our implementation of in-line comments: that they should remain in the body of the assignment and that as a result, they should be collapse-able, to avoid them cluttering the reading/editing process. All in-line comments are saved as part of our revisions-tracking, so users can review in-line comments from previous versions. Best of all: when publishing directly to a CMS we automatically strip-out all in-line comments to prevent them from appearing in published copy.

In-line comments, together with our recent API integration work with the Duke Chronicle, have also offered us the chance to move closer to our goal of allowing publishers to export their content from Camayak in whichever ways they require.

Special thanks go to (among others) Danielle Muoio – Editor-in-Chief at the Duke Chronicle, Ashley Soley-Cerro – former EIC at Cal State Northridge’s Daily Sundial and Jillian Beck, EIC at UCLA’s Daily Bruin, all of whom were influential in guiding our implementation decisions.