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How to Improve Communication in Your Newsroom

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Photo credit: Roman Heindorff

Today we’re launching Facebook-style notifications for Camayak users to help them stay on top of their most pressing tasks. Particularly for new editors, the challenge of improving communication in your newsroom can take up hours a week in chasing people for updates on things they’re working on. Our notifications are designed to help editors that are figuring out how to manage a newsroom of freelancers who often aren’t working in the same place: saving them time and confusion.

Managing freelance writers with Camayak makes it easier to track assignment deadlines, create an easy-to-use editorial calendar and let each contributors encourage one another through their own efforts (some of the educational programs we work with attribute part of their success with Camayak to the peer pressure that contributors feel when they see their colleagues outperforming them). With the new notifications, reacting to other people in the newsroom becomes an even more efficient process, replacing email clutter and manual admin tasks that eat into editors’ time.

Pro tip: another useful thing about notifications is that you can leave comments that you want to return to marked as ‘unread’. That way you can keep an informal todo list of the assignments and requests that you need to return to.