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Camayak has “taught us how one might envision the organizational patterns of an online newspaper”


One of the things we notice when newsrooms start using Camayak is that they gravitate towards a more rapid (and daily) digitalfirst‘ production cycle. Whether you’re assessing your print runs with next year’s budget in mind, or simply working towards having a more active website: streamlining your content production will help you position your newsroom for the challenges ahead (and it doesn’t have to spell the demise of your CMYK product, either).

Re-imagining your newsroom. According to Peter Crooke – faculty adviser at Harriton High School in Pennsylvania – “Camayak was the answer to our organizational prayers when we switched from a monthly paper edition to a daily online edition. It allows us to schedule, assign, write, edit and publish all in one place. It is the perfect tool that has actually taught us how one might envision the organizational patterns of an online newspaper“. Here’s a peek at the functionality that Peter and his students have enjoyed since they started using Camayak five months ago:

Is your website a CMS? A website-generating framework is often referred to as a ‘Content Management System’. In reality, the vast majority of websites are focused on how to display your content; leaving the management component of your editorial process to a fragmented assortment of tools (e.g. Word, email, server folders, etc.). Earlier this month, WordPress announced that they were dropping plans to improve ‘editorial flow’ within their 3.6 release, despite strong interest in plugins such as Edit Flow suggesting that publishers are increasingly looking for more powerful staff and content management tools to help them maintain their online properties.

Future features. We’re working with dozens of newsrooms that are helping us evolve our tools to better fit their needs. Over the coming months, we’ll be finalizing our development priorities for the Summer and looking forward to releasing more useful features for our existing clients. If you’d like to join our feedback discussions you can reach us on Twitter,Facebook or by emailing us for a free trial.

Coming up next month: a review of our latest new features, including activity feeds.