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Reminder of Camayak & SNO (WordPress host) Partnership


We were excited last year to announce our partnership with School Newspapers Online: a WordPress hosting & support company with nearly one thousand educational institution clients in the US. After a phenomenal response from newsrooms all over the country who are looking to organize their workflow, we thought we’d re-post the details of the partnership.

School Newspapers Online (SNO) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Camayak, a new way for publications to organize their contributors and control who approves the content that they publish on their SNO-powered site.

Camayak is a user-friendly, cloud-based service that allows editors to create and edit assignments for their staff, track their changes, manage deadlines and set-up their own editorial workflows. Once editors are happy with their content, they can publish assignments directly to their SNO site thanks to a seamless integration between Camayak and the SNO platform.

SNO and Camayak have worked together on dozens of college news sites and Roman Heindorff, Camayak’s CEO and co-founder, is excited about the prospect of helping younger journalists make the most of their staff resources, too. “We’re offering large discounts to high-schools, because that’s where the most talented editors start to emerge and we want to help support them,” he says. “Our priority is to enable our clients to focus on their content and contributor engagement first, before deciding on the platform that they want to publish to. We’re delighted to be partnering with SNO – anyone who works with them quickly finds out what a valuable service they provide”. It takes approximately 24 hours for a new Camayak account to be created and plugged into an existing SNO site.

Camayak’s appeal already extends to journalism schools, study abroad programs, professional media organizations and editorial service companies. “Camayak has been instrumental in increasing student retention”, says Erin Hiro, a journalism professor at Palomar College in California. “With software like this, students don’t get overwhelmed learning the program and can instead focus on learning journalism”. Nicole Brydson, founder of Brooklyn The Borough – a non-profit media hub in New York – also relies on Camayak’s powerful user-management features: “Camayak have made room for tens of thousands of new contributors for us. It’s very easy to use and allows us to be so much more dynamic in producing new content”.

According to SNO co-founder Tom Hutchinson, the partnership with Camayak is a natural fit. “From day one, our goal has been to remove all technology challenges so that advisers and student staff can focus on creating and publishing compelling content,” Hutchinson said. “By integrating the Camayak tools into the SNO platform, we’ve made it easier than ever to manage the entire editorial process.”

About Camayak
Camayak – whose name originates from CMYK, the four colors used to print newspapers – is widely used by state, community and private colleges, professional publications and media agencies. For all inquiries and to set up a free trial, please visit and email or call 323.401.4658.

About School Newspapers Online
School Newspapers Online (SNO), was established in 2008 by a high-school newspaper advisor and teacher, and an expert in content management systems. Based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, SNO focuses specifically on the needs of college and high-school newspapers looking to create—or enhance—their presence online. With nearly 1000 educational institution customers nationwide, SNO continues to meet or exceed the needs of newspaper advisers and their staffs in an era of tight school funding and in the face of the ever-increasing costs associated with print. The company aims to keep its websites affordable while offering all the functionality and design flexibility found on major newspaper sites. For more information, please visit or call 888.649.7784.