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6 Student Reporters Awarded $6,000 in Prizes


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Photo credit: Roman Heindorff

After reviewing five months-worth of submissions from student reporters across the US, we’re delighted to announce the winners of our student media competition.


1st prize – Lisa Khoury – University of Buffalo (NY): The Heights of Fear. Lisa spent two years collecting data that showed negligent landlords and passive officials had allowed an area near campus to become so run-down that it was intimidating for students to live in.

2nd prizeFidelity Ballmer – Foothill Technology High School (CA): New California Law Gives Public Schools More Power to Punish Off-campus Cyberbullying. Frank LoMonte (Executive Director of the Student Press Law Center) claimed it was: “The most thorough, well-researched, nuanced story on cyberbullying law I’ve ever read.”


1st prize – Cris Ortega – University of North Texas (TX): Artists of Life. Cris documented two brothers: Ulises and Christopher, who are learning to become carpenters so they can continue to support themselves and others in their community.

2nd prize – Samantha Guzman – University of North Texas (TX): The Protection of Cristo Rey. Samantha followed Don Erasmo – once a vendor selling around the statue of Cristo Rey in Tenancingo, Mexico – whose house was destroyed in a fire. He cleans the statue and its surrounds for $120 per month – barely enough to keep his family fed.


1st prize – Taylor Griffin – Baylor University (TX): I Am No Longer a Victim of Southern Circumstance. Of her parents, Taylor says: “They’re still warming up to the idea that one of my best girl friends from the program is a Catholic from upstate New York”.

2nd prize – August McKernan – Borah High School (ID): High School Journalists Deserve Free Speech. Says August: My aim was to provoke a reaction, a call for change. Now only time will tell. And of course, angry letters to the editor.

We’re committed to supporting student communicators as they expand their portfolios. For more information on our plans, get in touch or keep visiting our blog.