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Camayak + WordPress: Lowering Costs & Upgrading Technology


We – like millions of publishers – are big fans of WordPress. It’s flexible, widely used and extremely cost effective. Because publishing your content online has become so accessible through platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, we discovered that it was becoming more important than ever for editorial teams to be able to¬†streamline their production process and¬†grow their staff, in order to cope with their audiences’ demand for more content. That’s why we built Camayak.

Since we like WordPress so much, we’ve built Camayak to integrate directly with every theme out there. If you’re already using WordPress, we can set you up with a trial account right away. If you’re not using WordPress, we’ve put together an info pack with everything you need to know about how Camayak + WordPress can save you money and put your most ambitious editors in the driving seat.

Much of what we’ve been doing over the last twelve months has involved helping college newspapers find cheaper, more powerful ways of publishing online. For some, this has also meant shifting their newsroom production model to a ‘digital first’ approach: prioritizing more rapid publishing cycles and experimenting with ways to leverage their most popular stories in the following day’s print edition. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Camayak can take your newsroom up a gear, get in touch with