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Post-Industrial Journalism & Open Newsrooms


It’s been another fantastic month for the Camayak team. After presenting to the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism alongside Mark Luckie - Manager of Journalism & News at Twitter – last month, we’ve been spending most of our time planning features and working with new clients: from college newsrooms to non-traditional publishers like hospitals and editorial agencies. 

One of the highlights from the last few weeks has been the Tow Center for Digital Journalism’s new report on Post-Industrial Journalism. One of its authors, Emily Bell, emphasized a burgeoning trait of modern news production at last night’s discussion panel in Los Angeles: that journalists are adapting to the demands of doing their work ‘in public’. Readily available real-time information is pushing story-evolution to become more transparent: something that we see increasingly benefiting publishers who look to engage their audiences earlier in their content production process. 

For a reminder of what an open newsroom looks like, here’s that Guardian advertisement again: