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(Resolved) Service Update: Email Delays


This issue has been resolved.
Update,  5:00 PM GMT – Amazon has reported that the email delays have been resolved and the queue has been cleared.  Our tests show that emails are being delivered on time.

Update, 4:20 PM GMT – Amazon has reported that they have resolved the issue, and the email queue is being processed.  They estimate backlogged email will be sent within 40 minutes.

May 21, 2012, 3:30 PM GMT - We are seeing delays in email delivery due to issues with Amazon Simple Email Service, which Camayak utilizes for email delivery.

According to Amazon’s service status page at, the Simple Email Service is experiencing delays in email delivery.

Camayak emails are being queued, and when Amazon resolves the delays, the emails should be delivered.

We will update this post with further information as we receive it.

We apologize for the delays.